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 Nickelodeon (previously known as Pinwheel from 1977 until 1981) is an American cable television channel owned by MTV Networks. Since the early 1990s and early 2000s, Nickelodeon as a brand has expanded into other territories including Europe, the Middle-East, Russia and Asia. It is often referred to by its shortened name, Nick, a practice that dates back to the early days of the channel. Since 2006, Nickelodeon has been run by MTVN Kids & Family Group president Cyma Zarghami. The channel is aimed mostly at children ages 6–12, with the exception of their prime time block that is aimed at teenagers ages 13–17. -Wikipedia

Logo History

Nickelodeon (previously known as Pinwheel), 1977-1981

Nickelodeon, 1981-1984

Nickelodeon, 1984-2004

Nickelodeon, 2004-2009

Nickelodeon (present logo)

Nick's Sister Networks

(logo change 2009)

Information: Nickelodeon use to have Nick At Nite, Nick Jr., and Teen Nick all in the same station. Nickelodeon also had three sister channels called The N, Noggin and Nick Toons. Nick GAS no longer exists. Now Noggin has been renamed Nick Jr. (giving Nick Jr. it's own channel), The N has become Teen Nick (giving TeenNick it's own channel), Nick Toons just had a logo change, and Nick At Nite remains on Nickelodeon during the night.

Nick At Nite (Nickelodeon during the night)

Noggin (renamed Nick Jr.)


Nick Jr. (Nickelodeon during part of the day. Now has it's own channel.)

The N (now Teen Nick)

Nick Toons